We have been getting a lot of questions since we started our website containing the amenities, events, sceneries and other information about Muswell Hill. It has gotten a lot of attention in the public eye since then. Here, we have gathered all the most frequently asked questions. We hope you find this section useful as you browse through My Muswell website.

*I will be flying in London this year and planning to visit Muswell Hill. What is the quickest and less hassle free way to get there?

Thank you for giving an interest in visiting Muswell Hill. We very much appreciate it. Muswell Hill is in North London and as far away from Central London as you can get. Unfortunately, our town doesn’t have its own train station but you can get here through overground trains to Alexandra which is on the edge of Muswell Hill town. We wish you a safe flight.

*I am looking for a place which is close to central London and I find Muswell Hill to be my ideal type of village. Do you offer or sell any property in Muswell Hill?

Thank you for choosing Muswell Hill as the place where you want to settle down. We are sad to say that we are not property specialists. However, we will be happy to refer you to reliable property agents if you prefer. Just send us an email regarding your concern and we will be happy to give you full details on what you require.

*What can you offer about Muswell Hill for us to visit or stay in your area?

We are locals and in-charge of promoting Muswell Hill. We offers you a friendly village atmosphere and lots of green space which can be an ideal location for you and your family to spend sometime in. This town is highly fashionable and sought after. Quality schools and green spaces make this an ideal place to raise a family. This will suit those who want to enjoy a suburban, village atmosphere without the long commute to work.