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I can feel the air is good in Muswell Hill. Plus, the views are great. It’s green around here, they’ve got Ally Pally and Queens Woods. It also has a lovely, villagey feel. I would not want to live anywhere else!”

The best part of staying in Muswell Hill is the cafe and bar scene, which is surrounded by buildings and parkland from various architectural eras. I will definitely be back here, as soon as I can.

The greenness and the properties are beautiful and that’s what made me spend sometime here. I love hanging out in this place.

John (local resident):
Muswell Hill has a very friendly and long established community, as people who move here tend to stay. The quality of housing is excellent with wide leafy streets, you can choose Victorian and Edwardian properties. The main attraction however is the quality of the state schools of both the private and state sector. They are of high academic standards and are in close proximity to high quality schools in London.

Wejean (local resident):
The scenery will not fail to wow you. The place is leafy, clean, safe and has lovely Edwardian houses which makes it more beautiful and interesting. Parts of it are walkable to one of the village called Highgate tube, lovely roads such as Cranley Gardens, Etheldene Ave. etc are about a 12 minute walk to Highgate tube. You can feel that the village has friendly local people and has good shops and independent restaurants. It is absolutely perfect, and it also has some great state schools. The place is not cheap but slightly less expensive than others.